A Completely New Printing Experience with the MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series


When a new product makes its market debut, there can sometimes be a sense of skepticism among consumers, especially in a marketplace where ideas are recycled and new consumer benefits hard to find. Samsung’s new product, MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series will be a pleasant surprise.

Samsung has developed a series of Multi-functional Printers (MFPs) that completes the product line and generates interest from dealers who have been searching for the next big thing. Samsung is rewarding their patience and meeting their expectations with the all new MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series. The new series will undoubtedly strengthen Samsung’s position in the A3 market, and it is quite possibly a game changer.

Samsung introduces the series as an “Office Transformer” which will recreate the workspace into a smarter, more productive, and efficient one. It is targeting the enterprise market, particularly companies with heavy workloads, such as professional service providers, financial firms, governments and insurance companies. To fully appreciate the the MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series’ key strengths, three main features need to be explained – 1.5GHz Quad-core CPU, Smart UX Center 2.0 and SPDS (Smart Printer Diagnostic System).


Work 2X Faster with 1.5 GHz Quad-core CPU & Dual-Scanning

1.5 GHz Quad-core CPU, this newly upgraded feature means that users can get all their printing tasks done two times faster than conventional  dual-core-based MFPs. While the Quad-core CPU is the norm for smartphones these days, the MX7 is the first printer in the industry to have one.

Moreover, this speed does not sacrifice print quality. The MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series guarantees resolutions as high as 1,200 dpi and allows users to get their print works—images, graphs, charts, and complicated blue prints—in super-fine quality.

What’s even better is that the Dual-Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) also takes advantage of the doubled speed. With the DSDF, users can scan both sides of a document simultaneously at an incredible 240ipm. That’s six times faster than other printers, and lets you maximize your time.

Work Smarter with Smart UX Center and NFC

This is perhaps the highlight of the printer that proves Samsung put enhanced usability as its priority. It elevates the printing experience overall, and allows users to feel like as if they are working on a tablet and to customize tools for their own printing routines and needs. The MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series provides them with convenient previewing and editing on the 90° pivoting color touch screen.

It also enables them to review and modify documents on the spot without a PC. The expanded level of device personalization is also applied to upgraded widgets and app center. Useful document management applications – Microsoft® Office® Word, PowerPoint® and Excel®, and Hancom Office® are all available on the Smart UX center so users can easily edit their documents without having to return to PCs.

Yet, this is not the peak of working smarter. On the MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series, users can enrich their NFC printing experience with the wireless option with Active NFC. This option provides users with user authentication, secure printing, and Wi-Fi setup functions.


Smart Printer Diagnostic System

The MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series also boasts impressive on-board diagnostic system. The Smart Printer Diagnostic System (SPDS) helps users get through printing issues by making it easier to quickly diagnose and repair any problems using step-by-step guides on the Samsung Smart Service App. The app functions as an on-site service tool for printer failure diagnosis. Users can connect their smartphone to the printer by USB or Wi-Fi and if there is an error, it will search for the technical solution on the SPDS Server. No more unknown error codes and no more silent printers causing stress in the office.

Furthermore, the new series also provides users with solutions that allow integration of third party solutions required to satisfy certain business needs. SecuThru™Lite 2 (output management solutions), and SmarThru™ Workflow Lite (document management solutions), and fleet management solutions can enhance workflow and secure printing operations, while at the same time simplifying the process and lowering IT fleet management costs.

The new MultiXpress X7600/K7600 series has the power to transform your office while quietly transforming the way you print.