Bringing Cost and Efficiency Savings to Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van (NI): Burke Systems & Solutions Managed Print Services


Every business must be aware of several general rules for business management, such as streamlining workflow and reducing costs. These basic business practices are important, if not critical, factors in driving success. It might come as a surprise, however, that a small change like optimizing a business’ printing environment can be effective in reducing redundancies in work processes and driving down costs.

We were delighted to provide Managed Print Services for Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van, which aimed to enhance cost efficiency and quality of service. Despite Mercedes-Benz’ reputation for delivering the highest standard of luxury, performance and enjoyment for its drivers, they are also a business, and like any other business, they are sensitive to rising costs. That is where Mercedes-Benz leveraged its partnership with Burkes and Samsung Printing Solutions: to rally their technical expertise in optimizing and enhancing a printing environment in order to achieve Mercedes-Benz’ famed standard of “The Best or Nothing.”

The challenge: Uncontrollable and unnecessary printing costs

Based over two sites with four departments and no in-house IT team, Mercedes-Benz faced many obstacles in taking full control of its printing capabilities. For example, even basic IT maintenance tasks, such as purchasing the right type of printer cartridge was not managed by the Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van team. Needless to say, these inefficiencies did not meet the level of customer service that they aimed to provide.

“We were buying printers and ink on a need-to basis, so we ended up with sixteen different printers of three different makes and a store of ink cartridges, some of which didn’t fit any of them,” said Pauline McKeating, Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van Finance Director.

The challenge (and opportunity) which Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van confronted was two-fold: first of all, it needed to find and target the processes to enhance profits by reducing waste; secondly, a more efficient printing environment was required throughout the entire company.


The solution: Burke Systems and Solutions Managed Print Services

Samsung was one of the companies Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van spoke to in order to conduct a full printing audit. Based on the analysis on what was being printed, by whom and how often, Samsung identified places where improvements could be made. In addition, Samsung recommended utilizing Samsung’s Managed Print Services equipped with a complete set of tools to optimize and manage printing, lower operational costs and provide opportunities for enhanced profits.

As Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van decided to go ahead with the proposed solution, a series of action was taken. With Samsung’s Managed Print Services, the number of printers was reduced from sixteen of three different brands to nine Samsung devices of renowned reliability and quality. The reduction did not compromise the service provided, but actually improved it, by catering individual needs of different departments. For example, the sales team that deals with front of house printing, such as printing brochures for customers, was provided with a high quality color A3 multi-function laser printer (MFP). Monochrome A4 MFPs with printing, faxing, copying and scanning capabilities was also installed for the accounts department responsible for managing loads of documents. Other departments were equipped with simple, but fast and reliable monochrome laser printers.

Managed Print Services promised a range of additional benefits, such as shouldering the cost of the new devices, support and maintenance, monitoring and reporting for each device’s usage during the course of the contract.

The results: Savings, savings, and more savings

It was a sheer delight to hear back from Pauline when she told us that Burkes Managed Print Services enabled her and her team to work “far more efficiently”. She added that they were able to work “efficiently and concentrated on our jobs, providing the service to our customers that they expect from Mercedes-Benz.” Just a few of the cost-saving changes which our Printing Solutions brought to Mercedes-Benz Truck & Van were:

Reduction in the number of printing devices needed and 10% in printing cost savings, even with the initial cost of the new devices.
Easier billing because invoices were spread over a monthly basis, and one invoice was sent to a single point of contact.
Remote monitoring, which allowed automatic order placement for ink, and saves administration time and costs.
A quarterly print audit which provides a thorough analysis of where unnecessary waste can be cut down.
Fortunately for Mercedes-Benz, the right partnership was not far from reach in order to streamline workflows and to create an efficient printing environment. Your office can benefit from our services too