Burke's team

If you’re in the print industry, living in Belfast or area, surely you’ve heard of Burke Systems and Solutions. But if you’re not, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are specialized in print and photocopier industry and MPS (managed print services), but we know a lot more than that, and you can have a chat with us from printers and technologies to history, poetry and music.
Our team is small, but that gives us the opportunity to be like family. Everybody is unique here and shines within his way. 

Here are our people:

Michael Burke
If the presumption for a boss is a serious manager with tough and difficult behaviour, Michael is ruining it sophisticatedly. When he enters the room, surely you will notice him just because he is always coming with his positive, energetic and happy mood that’s contagious or he’s talking on the phone and laughing. That’s not all, Michael is a man with a strong vision for future and perspective for personal and organizational growth. That’s the reason the company is constantly growing and developing. He gains trust fast, and his word is strong and impactful. He is simply a man to know in person. Life is a game and being happy with everything he does is his motto.


Sean Hawes
Sean is the quietest person in the company. He is tactful, precise and strict in all he’s doing. He is sophisticated, and sales are his passion. He is doing everything with enthusiasm and new challenges represent a chance for him to become even better at his job. He seems he is all the time serious, but once you get to know him better, he smiles most of the time, it’s just barely visible. He is a good mentor and is trying to help everybody in the company. Every time someone asks him for a favour, he’s there to respond immediately and give a hand.

Nicola Roddy

In the beginning, I thought Nicola is though and a hard person to communicate. Three months later I can assure she’s smart, really polite and honest. She’s one of the managers in the company, who’s controlling everything in accounting and finance and so many other things that I am still not familiar.  She’s from those who you like and loves just because she's brutally honest, direct, and straightforward, but always herself. Her strong vision what it is going to happen in future surprises me, but she’s always right. She's a really important person for the company because most of the issues are going through her and she's controlling all of it. 


Ken Gribben
Ken is one of “the fixers” in the company. Most of the time he’s away and is making a delivery or fixing some printer and copier with Stephen (the other “fixer”), but when he’s in the office, it’s never boring. He is joking all the time, he’s curious, but mostly – positive and always smiling. I see him as the biggest traveller in the team. He has been to many places around the Earth, and I am sure he knows about geography and cultures more than anybody else. He is experienced at what he is doing, and everything is doing it with proficiency and passion.

Stephen Hughes

He’s the other “fixer” that I know barely anything about. He is the youngest in the team and is always laughing. He is really good at what he is doing, and he knows a lot about technologies and printers even though he’s just 25. 

David Martin and Karen Lyttle who are from Burke One company, but work with us in the same room and are not to miss.

Karen is a special woman with a really interesting and passionate behaviour. She is always taking care of and feeding everyone. She is our mommy in the office. Moreover, she is a real lady, dressing always with style and has her way of dealing with everything. She’s sophisticated and positive and is the most talkative person in here. Once she comes in the office, it cannot be quiet. She is either going to talk on the phone and work or speak with somebody about work, life, kids, food, places, Spain, ideas, etc. Everybody loves her just because she’s special!

David Martin, the one who’s always friendly, talkative and joyful telling stories or joking with everybody in the room. Once he’s here the boredom is away. He is the humorous soul in the room. As the boss of Burke One, he is a really good seller and musician as well. As everybody here, he is very positive but also the biggest athlete in the office. He loves spending time in nature, walking, cycling and going to the gym. Also, he walks very fast, better don’t go out with him for a walk, he is like an arrow! He is always doing things fast and professionally. More I speak with him; more I get to know Northern Ireland, the nice places to visit, the good music or just some interesting fact not everybody knows. He educates me daily. Thank you, David! In addition, his life is interesting and special. What made him change his work from famous drummer to office products and interiors supplier and how he decided to take that step, you can ask him in person?

Everybody has something interesting to tell about himself if you see all of them together, Burke’s is just one team being like a family with a strong connection and love to each other. There are tough times for the companies, like every company, but they know how to deal and get over them.  Everyone has something interesting to tell and share, some of them are musicians, others are coming from really big families with so many stories, third: coming from Ireland where the culture is different and surely worth to hear, it’s just always something new every day. The best period is when everyone is in the room, talking, working and mainly enjoying time together.