Digitize Everything? Go Beyond. How One-Touch Scanning Can Optimize your Document Management


Documentation is still a necessity for businesses for a number of important reasons and functions. From legal to the financial and healthcare industries, written paper documents are still being used as an important communication and record-keeping method. For instance, documents such as company bylaws, shareholder agreements, and businesses’ tax records are important documents for businesses to keep in hard copy to avoid any complications.

However, paper-based document processing inevitably incurs costs in the way of transmission, storage, routing, data entry, and retrieval, which all require physical and manual management. This introduces the risk of human errors as well. According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), companies spend $20 in labor to file one document. That’s just filing only; costs rise quickly when you take into account the need to find a misfiled document or reproduce one.

Digitize Everything?

Document digitization technology has made many of these issues somewhat irrelevant. Digitized documents streamline and create more efficient processes, not to mention reduce human errors. Nonetheless, this has also created a hurdle for businesses who have relatively limited budgets, since digitization requires technology, which costs. So, the key to making paper-based processes more manageable, both financially and operationally, is not removing paper completely and digitizing everything. It is about refining and removing hard copy elements where necessary, and optimizing the digital processes that manage the paper trail more effectively as well as cost efficiently.


Going Beyond Digitization Only

That’s why Samsung Printing Solutions took one further step: SmarThru™ Workflow Lite was developed to make document digitization even faster, easier, and thereby more efficient and more productive, while keeping the cost manageable. How? The answer is One-Touch Scanning.

Minimized to Bring More Benefits

As part of Business Core™ Printing Solutions (BCPS), SmarThru™ Workflow Lite One-Touch Scanning features automated document capturing, scanning, categorization, and distribution solutions. Also, this delivers a seamless and intuitive infrastructure with a serverless solutions offering, which was designed to further reduce costs. Here are some of the key benefits that One-Touch Scanning can bring to businesses:

1. Streamlined Workflow:
A feature that allows custom shortcuts to pre-defined scanning jobs in multiple locations, streamlined workflow minimizes execution processes in document scanning. Users can utilize Free Work form construction to configure workflows from input and transformation to transmission all through their web browser on the printer panel. Common destinations are provided, while users can add their own anytime; all this with just one click.

2. Optimized Productivity:
Enabling automated categorization of scanned documents based on Zone Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Barcode, Caller ID and Metadata is a true productivity booster. Through document imaging and identification, documents are digitized, allowing automatic indexing for archiving. This automated categorization cuts out numerous processing steps for any type of document – from meeting reports to receipts and invoices: the possibilities for optimization are endless.

3. Data Extensibility:
An external document server can easily handle scanned documents because all document-related information can be stored in XML files. With the data exporter, One-Touch Scanning captures relevant index information (e.g. applicant’s name and social security number) and integrates it into your back-end-system.

4. Data Utilization:
Searchable PDF and automatic categorization based on built-in OCR and Barcode technology can improve data utilization for businesses. The ability to capture relevant index information — for instance, an applicant’s name and social security number for the HR department — can not only increase productivity but help businesses to utilize the data within the document. Hard copies of documents are no longer needed to be kept for the sole purpose of record-keeping. Just like any other documents, you can utilize the data within these documents in a way that can be more meaningful for your business.

5. Cost Efficiency:
Being part of Business Core™ Printing Solution, which was designed specifically to accommodate businesses with a relatively limited IT budget, SmarThru™ Workflow Lite is a serverless solution. With it, businesses can eliminate the need for any additional third party server fees to connect multiple printing devices.

Final thoughts

With easy, intuitive execution, SmarThru™ Workflow Lite effectively eliminates repetitive scan tasks. It enables users to process and distribute documents digitally, a core component in reducing labor costs, accelerating processes, and optimizing the business environment. Users can create customized shortcuts that encompass the numerous steps of a particular job, so that every step is completed with one touch of a button. What’s more, with easy access to digital files, time and effort spent searching for paper documents is virtually eliminated and the risk of human error is reduced. So, are you ready to take one more step towards document digitization today?