Give Your Business an Olympic Boost with Samsung Printing Solutions: Go Faster, Higher, Stronger


Originating in ancient Greece, the Olympic Games has always aimed to bring together the known world’s finest competitors. As far back as the 8th Century BC, runners, wrestlers, chariot riders, javelin throwers and more fought for the right to be called Olympic champion.

The modern Summer Olympics came into being in 1896, and now constitutes the world’s most popular sporting event. Every four years, the event brings together thousands of dedicated hopefuls from around the world to compete in dozens of events. The athletes’ dedication to excellence is embodied in the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – “faster, higher, stronger.”

In business as in athletics, only the most very best competitors can take a place on the podium. For Samsung Printing Solutions, the ideals behind the Olympic motto ring especially true. Creating products and solutions that perform faster, are higher in quality and stronger than the rest helps keep Samsung ahead of the chasing pack.

Faster Performance

Samsung has a range of printers suitable for all sorts of office environments. The selection includes the Xpress line, with dedicated printing and copying excellence, as well as the versatility and power of the MX multi-function printers (MFPs), taking in the practical MX3 and the exceptionally diverse MX7.

Speed is a property all of Samsung’s printers share. MX7 printers make use of a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU, an industry first. And with faster processors, the devices also print a lot quicker, too.

In fact, the company’s leading devices are capable of printing over 60 pages per minute. They can also scan up to 240 impressions in the same amount of time.


For printers, however, being is not just about how fast a device processes paper. Samsung printers also offer rapid USB 3.0 connections, dynamic workflow solutions and hardware statistics to match: Samsung MFPs’ Android-based Smart UX Center comes with 320GB of built-in memory.


Higher-quality Product

In the printing business, the notion of quality is often quite advanced. Most important of all is quality output, an area in which Samsung’s printers particularly excel.

Durable and long-lasting, the MX7 series can print up to 300,000 pages a month, maintaining a consistently high level of image and text sharpness. Fitted with a Laser Beam Scanning Unit (LSU), MX7s create clear images with smooth, rasterized edges – and with resolution rates of up to 1,200×1,200dpi.



Samsung’s unique Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology further ensures clarity for both text and images.

The Buyers Lab (BLI) has given Samsung printers high marks for image quality. The MultiXpress K7600LX received a 9.5 score out of 10 in this category, praising the device’s crisp printing, text readability and distinct inter-fine line separation. Meanwhile, the MultiXpress X4300 was recognized for its “superior” color output, as well as its bright, saturated color reproduction and sharpness.

Stronger Durability

In the printing business, strength equates with reliability. For Samsung, this means producing devices that can keep working with a minimum amount of servicing. When it comes to reliability, Samsung’s lineup of printers has repeatedly proven its toughness and endurance capabilities.



British consumer magazine Which? named Samsung as its Most Reliable Printer Brand of 2015, while American market research firm Industry Analysts Inc hailed the MultiXpress 7 series for passing million-page printing and scanning tests. The research team called the devices “probably the most reliable machines we’ve tested.”

BLI concurred, awarding Samsung with its highest marks for reliability, and handing the company its 2015 Monochrome Printer/MFP Line of the Year award.

Going for Gold

As the business world continues to grow more competitive, businesses everywhere need document solutions partners that are just as determined. Great Olympians are motivated by the idea of pushing themselves, of making their next run, jump or throw even better than their last.

For Samsung Printing Solutions, finding new and inventive ways to enable your business growth is paramount – helping your enterprise go faster, higher and stronger than ever.