How IT Administrators Can Manage Print Fleets like a Pro



You’re an IT administrator at an enterprise with offices scattered across a large city district. Your roles and responsibilities include maintaining and monitoring IT servers, networks, and security systems as well as devices in various locations. To ensure a cost-effective and stress-free IT environment for all staff members, you and your team need to monitor the IT infrastructure on a regular basis. Fleet Admin Pro helps you do this, at least in terms of print fleet management.

Device Configuration and Updates

Your routine print fleet management tasks include setting up new devices and applying usage settings that comply with company policies. You can save time on this routine configuration process with the Rules and Events feature, which allows you to automate device management actions according to pre-determined rules. For example, if the “event” of adding a new device to a fleet occurs, the “rule” of applying pre-defined configuration settings is implemented. Regular firmware updates are also made easy, since you can perform them from your desk, executing them on the entire fleet or on select printers by group, such as devices in a specific department or building.

Device Monitoring

Fleet Admin Pro also helps you stay up to date on thousands of printers and MFPs even when you cannot physically be present at every site. The Site Manager* feature allows you to manage up to 5,000 devices, and with the PC or mobile dashboard you can monitor print fleet issues including unresolved errors, device status, and toner status. These figures are displayed as images and graphs on a single screen for easy viewing. The mobile dashboard is particularly useful since you can be notified of issues while you’re out of the office. For instance, you can preset alerts for only those errors that administrative staff frequently call you in for.

*Site Manager is a paid service that allows server-less, multi-site printer management of up to 5,000 devices

**Intranet connection required; data and subscription charges may apply  

Usage Control

Checking usage data on devices and forecasting/budgeting is another inevitable part of your job. The Job Accounting feature allows you to track device usage across your organization by user or group. Based on the data, you can determine where cost savings can be made and control excessive use by placing restrictions such as black-and-white printing only or default duplex printing on a device-by-device basis.

Being the help desk and IT manager for a large group of users in discrete locations can be challenging, especially considering printers are not the only devices you need to manage. Luckily, you know that there are solutions that can help you save time on performing repetitive tasks.