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When it comes to business, the more cost-effective and efficient, the better. HP JetAdvantage solutions can help improve productivity and drive down costs, helping employees—and your IT team—work more efficiently.


Business Workflow and Printing Solutions
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1. Where performance meets profitability

Technology advancements in business—mobility, the cloud, security, and fleet management—evolve rapidly. Businesses require innovation to keep pace in this changing environment.
Streamline crucial paper-based and electronic business processes, using powerful HP JetAdvantage business workflow and printing solutions that set you apart from the competition. These innovative tools have been designed and tested for optimal integration into your fleet. Help reduce IT workload and costs, enhance employee productivity, and enable users to print securely—wherever business demands. 

2. Centralize management, take control 

Routine tasks can hijack your day. That’s why HP JetAdvantage solutions help you centralize fleet management so you can easily take charge of your printers, scanners, and MFPs, allowing you more time to focus on more important tasks. Automate and simplify device configuration, monitor supplies, and establish print policies. 

3. Make smarter, faster decisions

Large amounts of information can be overwhelming. That’s why HP JetAdvantage solutions make it easy for work teams to organize and deliver important information where it’s needed. Help streamline everyday tasks and improve employee decision-making—while keeping your business running smoothly.


Not all HP JetAdvantage partner solutions are sold by HP through the channel.


HP JetAdvantage Management Solutions

Centrally control your fleet of printers, scanners and MFPs—and more effectively manage costs—using versatile, powerful HP JetAdvantage solutions. Expertly monitor, manage, update, and troubleshoot devices while saving IT time and budget. Locate devices and manage use based on print job data to help optimize the print environment. Comprehensive analytics help balance the printing fleet, so devices are used most efficiently. 

1. HP JetAdvantage Insights

Maximize the company’s resources by gaining insights into the print environment. With a simple, user-friendly dashboard, HP JetAdvantage Insights provides on-demand viewing of printing behaviours and device use—including non-HP and PC-connected printers. Easily deploy and scale this cloud-based solution across the entire fleet—without the need for expensive servers.

2. HP Universal Print Driver

Efficiently manage your printing environment using one versatile driver solution. The HP Universal Print Driver enables easy setup and printing from a range of HP LaserJet printers
without downloading separate, product-specific drivers.

3. HP Web Jetadmin

Deliver industry-leading, web-based management with a free tool that’s fast, easy, and reliable. HP Web Jetadmin lets you expertly install, configure, troubleshoot, and manage your printing fleet.

4. HP and LRS Output Management Solution

Streamline document-related IT and business processes. Acting as a central point of management and control, the software captures output from any application, converts the
data to the required format, and reliably delivers it to the target destination. Administrators can quickly detect and address hardware or network-related printing errors from an intuitive web interface.


HP JetAdvantage Security Solutions

Safeguard sensitive information as it moves through your business. Robust, fleet‑wide HP JetAdvantage solutions help protect data and documents, control user access, and enforce
printing policies across your organization.

1. HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

Take control of your fleet, improve compliance, and streamline security monitoring and management. Easily secure new and existing devices across your organization with the
industry’s first policy‑based imaging and printing compliance solution.

2. HP Access Control

Make your printing environment more secure and efficient. HP Access Control Printing Solutions make it easy to control user access and collect data to help transform printing practices—help reduce costs and eliminate unclaimed documents.

3. HP JetAdvantage Private Printing

HP JetAdvantage Private Print enables you to securely store print jobs, and then print via secure authentication—right at the device. This cloud-based printing feature can help reduce
wasted and misplaced prints, keep information more secure, and store documents until you are ready to print them.

4. HP JetAdvantage Secure

PrintIncrease security and control of your print environment by releasing documents only to authorized users with HP JetAdvantage Secure Print. This cloud-based solution holds print jobs in a protected queue until users are authenticated. Unprinted jobs are automatically deleted based on your company’s expiration policy.

5. HP Proximity Card Readers

Help protect your company’s confidential information and control printing access by requiring users to authenticate at imaging and printing devices with their existing proximity cards.
HP Proximity Card Readers offer support for multiple card formats in a single card reader. 

6. HP Print Security Advisory Services

Develop a print security strategy tailored to the needs of your business. HP Security Advisory Services help you identify risks, implement policies, and manage the solutions that help keep your environment protected. 

7. HP and Nuance SafeCom Security and Job Accounting solution 

Optimize equipment, heighten security, and simplify IT tasks. This suite of scalable solutions helps manage and seamlessly track print costs, enforce policies, and deliver print jobs to the right hands.

8. HP and Nuance Equitrac Security and Job Accounting solution

Equitrac intelligent print management software makes printing work the way you want it to: simply, securely, and with maximum savings at every step. One click for any print job and any printer. No worries about print servers, compatible print drivers, or whether the printer is ready. Complete accountability to better control costs and security.

9. HP and TROY check printing

Enhance security with distributed, on-demand check printing. Help prevent check fraud using tamper-evident security innovations—including speciality toners, hardware, and management tools. 

10. HP and TROY document printing

Keep high-value security documents from falling into the wrong hands. Print securely on preprinted paper, when and where you need to. Deploy a solution that helps meet compliance
for fraud prevention and auditing.

11. HP and TROY prescription printing

Simplify workflows, save time, and reduce costs—with an easily integrated prescription printing
solution that helps reduce risks and discourage fraud. The Cost-effective software enables tamper-resistant script printing—using plain paper.

12. HP and Celiveo Enterprise

Remove the risk of unattended documents on printer output trays, using authentication and policies, pull printing (server or server-less), and full encryption—all of which makes it easier to manage security and costs. HP and Celiveo Enterprise is a plug-and-play solution for many companies thanks to special vertical industry connectors, such as the Healthcare connector, FSI connector, Oil & Gas connector, and more. This versatile solution is also multi-vendor, Citrix-ready and VMware-ready to adapt to all situations.

13. HP and Pharos Blueprint Enterprise

Realize a more secure and streamlined business printing environment with HP and Pharos Blueprint’s simple-to-use technology. It is an intuitive solution that makes it easier to manage enterprise print environments, by securing your company’s proprietary data, tracking and measuring your employees’ printing behaviours, monitoring existing devices, and reducing printing waste across your business. 

14. HP and Pharos Uniprint

Uniprint is a secure, scalable, and user-friendly print management solution that helps educational institutions and libraries manage print and copy devices, monitor security, and
track student and faculty usage in order to improve and expand their range of services and capabilities.


HP JetAdvantage Mobile Print Solutions

Make wireless printing simple and secure using HP JetAdvantage solutions designed to work seamlessly with most smartphones, tablets, and notebooks at the office or on the go.
Enable users to print wirelessly in the office without connecting to the company network. 

1. Wireless direct printing

Enable secure peer-to-peer wireless printing from smartphones, tablets, and notebooks—without connecting to the corporate network.

2. Touch-to-print

Enable secure printing with just a touch from NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets to the printer—without accessing the corporate network.

3. Touch-to-authenticate

Help keep sensitive documents protected—without slowing down the pace of business. Just a simple touch of your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to your printer enables quick and secure authentication, so you can confidently keep work moving from wherever business takes you.

4. HP Roam for Business
Print at virtually any time, from virtually any location and device with this secure cloud-based solution. HP Roam for Business replaces traditional, printer-specific drivers with an intuitive print experience that is simple to use, scalable, and provides a similar experience across desktop and mobile devices.

5. HP and PrinterOn Enterprise

Connect both desktop and mobile users to printers both on and off the trusted network, regardless of the device’s manufacturer or operating system. The solution can be deployed
on-premise or in the customer’s private cloud, according to the needs and expectations of the business. It supports most major printer brands, the most popular desktop and mobile devices, and most operating systems.

6. HP and ePRINTit® mobile printing solution suite

Help boost productivity, grow your business and expand customer services by providing geolocated and branded services for public printing worldwide. Enable mobile students, workers, or travellers easily print content from virtually anywhere and at any time. ePRINTit is a third party solution that is enabled on most of the HP suite of printers. Easily deploy and scale this cloud-based solution without the cost of additional print servers.


HP JetAdvantage Workflow Solutions

Enable employees to easily capture, manage, and share information—with HP JetAdvantage solutions. Improve productivity and gain a competitive advantage with workflow solutions that help you make the most of your IT investment.

1. HP Embedded Capture

Increase efficiency and streamline workflow with the push of a button. Easily scan and distribute documents—no server needed—using HP Embedded Capture. Make scanning a routine task, and get information where it needs to go—quickly.

2. HP Capture and Route

Simplify document routing with a scalable, server-based solution. Easily convert paper documents into a variety of digital formats and quickly route the information to your
customized distribution list—with the touch of a button. 

3. HP Digital Sending Software

Digitize paper documents and easily integrate them into business processes. Send information quickly and securely to email, network folders, printers, fax services, Microsoft® SharePoint® sites, and more—from a range of HP devices.

4. HP and OnBase by Hyland enterprise content management solution

Capture and store important business content in a centralized, secure location. OnBase works with other applications to quickly route and deliver relevant information when you need it— wherever you are. Get total process and document visibility with automatically implemented legal requirements.

5. HP and Fenestrae Udocx solution

Securely scan and store paper documents with a single click directly to Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, and email with Udocx, a cloud-based document capture and processing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. With the Smart Scanning app, documents are automatically integrated into business document workflows. Udocx does not require an upfront investment in hardware, and there is no maintenance cost.

6. HP and Ephesoft Transact solution

Quickly identify, classify, and extract business-critical data with this intelligent document capture and data classification solution. It extracts meaningful data from documents regardless
of the format or how they’re received. Then the data feeds your back-office applications and line-of-business processes to accelerate the pace of business transactions.

7. HP and Nuance AutoStore

Help reduce paper-handling costs and minimize error while improving communication among teams. Nuance AutoStore is a server-based application that orchestrates the capture and
secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications. Transform manual, disconnected processes into dynamic, streamlined, and automated workflows.


HP JetAdvantage Industry Solutions

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