Looking to reduce operating costs for 2016 - Burkes and Samsung can help

With the new year businesses are looking for ways to reduce operating costs. Samsung Printing Solutions offers a variety of features to help SMBs and enterprises operate more efficiently and reduce expenses. These include customized printing solutions, mobile and cloud printing and increased security.

An efficient document management system means automating workflow, reducing time spent on filing, mailing and storing documents. Mobile printing and cloud connection means enhanced printing on-the-go, reducing expenses, saving time and increasing productivity. With secure document management, it has never been easier or more convenient to digitize documents and forward them to various destinations, automatically without a server, saving companies the hassle (and the potential expenditures) of misused data.


Customized Printing Solutions

Samsung’s customized printing solutions can automate and facilitate operations, both for document management and output management, helping control the labor and printing costs associated with the mailing, filing and storage of paper documents.

SmarThru Workflow Lite, a Samsung Printing innovation, can save on costs through its automated workflow solutions, offering a convenient and intuitive infrastructure system for managing documents. Manual and repetitive tasks can be streamlined with a one-touch scan that can distribute documents to multiple predetermined destinations. The Zone OCR feature reads and translates scanned character images into character codes, and routes documents to pre-determined destinations based on text content. Automated Fax Routing delivers digitized facsimile messages by reading meta data or caller ID.

There’s also the Usage Tracker, another Samsung Printing innovation, which controls printing expenses by tracking printing usage, printing costs, devices and users. Proactive monitoring means businesses can better estimate their future expenses. Manage output efficiently, monitoring all users and devices, all at a glance.

Mobile and Cloud Printing

Being able to print while out of the office and on the go is essential to the modern work environment, freeing workers from servers and desks. The Samsung MobilePrint app features a variety of flexible print options for tablets and smartphones, letting users print a wide range of document types. It can even print documents directly from an in-app browser or photos directly from a device’s camera. With a wide range of scanning formats and options available, any document can be scanned to a business’s exact requirements.

Business professionals can also experience advanced on-the-go printing from any device with Samsung Cloud Connector. Printer sharing lets users share public printers with colleagues and other guests in a public space. A hassle-free set up eliminates the cost of installing an additional server, as well as the cost of storing paper documents. Empowering employees to print on-the-go saves time, which everyone knows equals money.


More efficient and mobile printing is important to cost-effectiveness, but businesses need to know that their documents are secure and sensitive data is safe from leaks. Samsung SecuThru Lite 2 protects data, enabling users to work smartly. SecuThru Lite 2 supports a variety of authentication types for flexible user access, including ID and password, PIN and proximity card.

The easy-to-install, serverless secure pull printing system can pull documents to a nearby printer for efficiency, reducing waste. The functionality is expandable to grow with a business, without the need to spend money on an additional servers, making the cost of Samsung SecuThru Lite 2 up to 70 percent lower than the cost of a typical traditional server-based, pull printing investment. Companies will also save in reduced paper waste, typically up to £155 per employee per year. In addition, the potential for expenditures related to misused data is considerably decreased.

Smartify Your Business

Enhance security and productivity, simply with Samsung Printing Solutions, and impact the bottom line. Using the customized printing solutions, mobile printing and cloud printing and the security of SecuThru Lite 2, a business can reduce costs associated with labor, paper, installation and storage of paper documents.

There are many ways that Samsung Printing Solutions can help both SMBs and enterprises meet their business goals for 2016. Committed to innovating with the need for efficiency and productivity in mind, our newest printing solutions can help reduce costs and waste.