My personal experience in Burke Systems and Solutions

Hi dear reader,

My name is Teodora Georgieva, and I am coming from the second biggest city in Bulgaria which is on the Balkan Peninsula. Probably most UK people know anything about my country barely, but it is okay. I am not getting offended. I am even happy because that is my chance to show the most out of that small and beautiful piece of land with amazing and motivating people. I am not going to hide it, I love my country, and I am proud of being born there.

I am famous around my friends with my desire for regularly travelling and exploring. Maybe that is the main reason coming in another small piece of land that made me fall in love with it immediately.

Everything started during my tough period before graduation where I had no idea what am I doing with my life. I just knew I have to find a job or internship to make my routine life even busier than it was by that time. I applied on more than 30 places for a job when I just realised the border is not a limit anymore and I have to try working abroad for a couple of months. I wanted to change my current location. I spent 1-2 weeks of researching and looking over and there for the right internship for me. That is how I found ESPA. If you are still a student or just graduated one, I strongly recommend you check their website and upload your CV in their platform. They are going to text you if they find you are a potential candidate. I did it, and on the next day, they sent me an email confirming my CV is good for the position Sales and Business Development in a family business company in Belfast, Northern Ireland. That is precisely all I wanted and was waiting for. To be honest, the process was a little slow, and I just started losing hope if I am the right candidate, but two months later I got the confirmation. Four months later, here I am!

Welcome, Northern Ireland!

Welcome, Belfast!

Welcome, Burke Systems and Solutions!

I am so happy being here!

Coming here, in that small country, I had no expectations. That’s the right way to be satisfied with all that comes in your life, or at least that’s my formula being even more satisfied and happy than expected.

In the beginning, I was a little scary if the team is going to like me, I am going to feel fine there or if it was the right place in general.

Everything went above my expectations.

Three months later I feel lucky and more experienced and grown-up than ever before. I am still naive and young, though.

People in Burke Systems and Solutions and Burke One are like my family now. Every day is different for me and challenging. I am going to work in the morning with a bigger desire than going to the gym. Can you imagine that?

How did I start in Burke Systems?

In the first morning when Michael and Sean met me, they introduced me the business, the work and gave me plan for the next months I had to follow. They asked me what I expected from them. Мy biggest desire was speaking with no difficulties in English, learning more about selling than I had already known, and learning more about printers, photocopiers and technology field they are working in. I went further than expected!

On the first month, I was challenged to have cold calls to big and small companies from charities to architects and accountants. I learned how to write emails and propose our printer offers. And I was involved in social media and digital marketing where I learned a lot about LinkedIn, Tweeter, Instagram and Facebook and how to make interesting posts. Besides, I learned a lot about it, but I know the digital world is vast and I have to learn a lot more.

At the end of my second month, I showed my supervisors I have knowledge of event management and graphic design, where they involved me in their company event. It was a huge step for me, where I gained confidence in graphic design and planning. I met many business people and had a nice time, having the opportunity to speak with most of them.

That is not all. Much more happened me in just three months.

I had a birthday by that time where the whole Burke team made my day amazing and to be honest I felt I am in the right place at the right time.

Burke is making all the time transformations and rebuilding the office, making Samsung e-board demos, where I learn a lot about it, reordering the office, and most importantly planning. It is planning for progress and growth with a massive desire for progress and innovation in the new technological era called The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and I am participating actively in all of it!

What is going to happen in the next three months?

I am ready to learn and explore.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, don’t call me Teodora, because I am Dora – the Burke explorer.

Have a great and happy day!