After 2 months of exhaustive testing, Samsung’s new machines have passed BLI’s test program, with flying colours!

The JUST LAUNCHED Samsung Series 7 A3 mono and colour devices (7400, 7500, 7600) have been tested by Buyers Lab and detailed reports are available on bliQ.  See what Samsung has brought to the market, the compatible solutions and how it compares.
Each of the monochrome models received BLI’s highest rating in every category of print quality tested, a very rare feat!
Colour models produced top quality business graphics, photographic images, text, line art and shading in print mode.

FACT – Samsung MultiXpress X7400LX is certified HIGHLY RELIABLE by BLI, completing a 200,000 impressions and 20,000 scans durability test with only 1 misfeed recorded.
FACT – Samsung MultiXpress X7600LX is certified HIGHLY RELIABLE after producing 330,000 impressions and 33,000 scans with only 1 misfeed.

FACT – Samsung MultiXpress K7400GX has 10% higher simplex and almost 27% higher copy efficiency than the average of its competitors.
FACT – Samsung MultiXpress X7500GX has 13% higher black simplex copy efficiency than the competitive average of its competitors.
FACT – Samsung MultiXpress X7600GX has 22% higher colour simplex copy productivity than the average of its competitors.