Print with purpose


Have it both ways

Environmental responsibility and business profitability are not mutually exclusive. Your organization can meet both demands. You just need to find the right solutions.
An optimized imaging and printing environment delivers benefits across an organization. Energy- and paper-saving technologies can help reduce environmental impact and costs. Improved management can increase reliability and boost productivity. And convenient recycling ensures that you can responsibly dispose of unwanted hardware and supplies.
HP Managed Print Services (MPS) offers end-to-end services and solutions to transform your print environment. You can better meet your environmental goals and even lower your operating and information technology (IT) overhead costs by as much as 30%.
Our comprehensive and scalable suite of MPS solutions includes:
Assessment services — Uncover hidden costs and identify opportunities for improvement.
Financial and procurement services — Receive assistance for planning, acquiring, and retiring equipment in a safe and sustainable manner.
• Transition and implementation services — Build the new print environment.
Management and support services — Improve return on investment through ongoing monitoring and support.
Document and workflow services — Get better business outcomes by relying on proven technology, solutions, and services.

Save energy, cut costs

A typical office environment can have a printer on almost every desk, along with fax machines, copiers, and other single-use devices throughout—many old or outdated. HP MPS helps assess your print needs, placing the right type and number of devices in the right locations.
• Energy-saving technologies and products — Reduce energy use with features that automatically shut off HP devices when not in use and instantly turn them on when you need them. Choose ENERGY STAR® qualified HP hardware products that deliver even more energy savings.
• Multiuse devices — Handle all printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs at once when you consolidate current hardware into fewer, more energy-efficient HP multifunction printers (MFPs).
• Intuitive print management tools — Enable IT managers to centrally schedule sleep and wake-up modes across an entire print fleet, reducing fleet-wide energy consumption.

MetLife creates healthier print environment

“ HP outlined a very comprehensive solution combined with services to meet our efficiency, security, infrastructure, and environmental goals.”
– Brian Fortney, assistant vice president, enterprise infrastructure operations at MetLife.

MetLife, Inc., is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. The company employs some 65,000 global employees operating in 50 countries worldwide. A previous managed print contract with another vendor was concluding and MetLife set new and substantial goals for the next phase of managed print services. Goals included adding both color capabilities and the availability of color devices, increasing duplex printing, advancing printer consolidation, and strengthening security. In addition, MetLife planned to lay the groundwork for individual job tracking, contribute to carbon footprint reductions, introduce mobile printing, and reduce overall costs. The full solution that enabled MetLife to move forward on every one of its goals was HP Managed Print Services (MPS).

Cut paper waste, boost productivity
Efficiency is about more than just energy—it’s also about how you manage information.
Paper-based workflows are often the norm in a typical office. But unclear printing or workflow- management policies can lead to wasted paper and multiple single-sided, unclaimed, or poor- quality print jobs. HP MPS can help revamp your print strategy by streamlining workflows and improving employee print habits.
Digital transformation — Capture, connect, and communicate documents digitally, improving workflow while reducing paper waste.
Automatic two-sided printing — Print on both sides of a page to reduce paper waste by an estimated 25% or more.
User-authenticated printing — Reduce unclaimed print jobs and misprints by 10% to 30% with pull- and PIN-printing solutions that enable users to claim jobs stored on networked printers.

Recycling made easy

Even businesses that actively encourage recycling can face some common problems—such as inconsistent processes, erratic employee participation, and no plan for responsible hardware recycling. With HP MPS, you’ll get convenient, responsible recycling, with an assurance that your business printing activities are supporting your company’s broader sustainability objectives.
• Designed for the environment — Choose products specifically designed to reduce environmental impact. HP’s Design for Environment program develops hardware and print cartridges to be easily recyclable.
• HP Asset Recovery Services — Make it easy to securely remove, reuse, and recycle old equipment—including non-HP products—using HP’s recovery, trade-in, and donation services.
• Standardized recycling policies — Work with our experts to craft a specific recycling policy. HP’s trusted programs can ensure easy, responsible, and consistent recycling.
• HP Planet Partners program — When you purchase Original HP supplies, you can be certain they are recycled responsibly. HP has long been an IT industry leader in product reuse and recycling, and we publish our recycling program guidelines and results.

wolfcraft reduces cost and increases sustainability

“ With the economical, emissions-free HP PageWide Pro and HP PageWide Enterprise devices we can make printing more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.”
– Udo Binder, CIO/head of Information Technology,

wolfcraft is one of the key players that helped to establish the DIY market in Germany. With over 450 employees in 16 countries, wolfcraft is an international company whose brand stands as a sign of innovation, quality, and excellent customer service. HP’s MPS and emissions-free PageWide printers helped wolfcraft meet their efficiency and low power consumption goals.