Printers: From Expense to Investment


Now that printers can do more than simply print, they have become true assets to business. No longer just an expense, printers have become an investment by promoting productivity, reducing expenses through workflow automation and reducing waste through tracking and monitoring paper usage. But not all printing solutions are the same. Some promise increased productivity, but are too difficult to operate, require cumbersome installation and maintenance or, worse, stop performing. Some look like a great deal upfront, but once in place hidden costs start to pile up.

Just like any investment, deciding on the best printing solution is more than just finding the cheapest price tag. So, what determines which printing solution represents good value and return on investment? Here is a look at some of the benefits of investing in your printing solutions.

The Investment

Multi-Function. The ability to do multiple functions eliminates the need for multiple machines and work stations. Increase your office productivity by streamlining the workflow.

Easy Integration. Because there is no need for additional servers or installation, your office doesn’t have to experience downtime to upgrade printer equipment. Ease of use also ensures a better return on investment.

Reliability. Get proven reliability and speed with Samsung’s flagship multifunction printer MultiXpress 7 Series (MX7). Featuring print speeds up to 60 pages per minute, anti-jamming technology and mobile connectivity, the MX7 is an asset for any-sized business.

Automation. Printing management solutions like SmarThru Workflow Lite can help you automate a wide range of document capturing and routing, taking care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, leaving your office free to work on more important tasks.


Security. SecuThru Lite 2 offers a seamless and intuitive infrastructure for confidential digital document management. EEnterprise-level security includes authentication to send and release documents.


The Impact

We’ve seen plenty of ways that customized printing solutions reduce costs. But that’s just the immediate result. Reduced costs means increased profit that you can invest back into the growth of your business, offering more value to your customers.



Also related to costs is reliability—but Samsung was rated the most reliable printer brand of 2015. Most printers start showing signs of wear after two years, when the most dramatic declines in reliability occur. But Samsung printers are still 80 percent fault-free after six years.



Investing in a productive and expansible printer fleet like Samsung’s MFP lineup is also good for business. With no need for additional servers and security though the SmarThru Workflow Lite, your workplace printer can stop being a source of frustration.

Finally, Samsung’s printing solutions are business-friendly and eco-friendly so you know you’re giving your business its best chance at success without cutting corners on environmental responsibility. Samsung’s all-in-one board printers use 16 percent less energy than their predecessors. Less energy consumption is good for your bottom line and for the world.