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What does it mean for a company to go green? A large part of incorporating a green strategy is corporate sustainability, which means adopting business practices with the environment in mind. Managing your company in an eco-friendly way is easy: you can decrease the amount of materials used in the office by creating environmental benchmarks and work processes which focus on reducing waste. These behavioral and managerial adjustments have numerous benefits. First, companies can raise their profit margins by reducing costs. And, practicing environmental consciousness can also help to develop positive relations with external stakeholder, such as investors, regulators, customers and the surrounding community. For instance, according to KPMG, sustainability is being viewed as a source of innovation and ability to compete. Also, Ernst & Young reported that companies are receiving increased number of sustainability-related inquiries from investors. Despite these numerous advantages of taking a green approach, many small and medium size business leaders are reluctant to focus their efforts in environmentally-friendly business practices, mostly because they seem too difficult and costly.

Why business leaders are hesitant about practicing corporate sustainability:
“I do not have time to focus on environmental issues.”
“Going green is great, but it would be too costly.”
“Our company just does not have specific environmental goals”
However, seemingly small environmental goals, such as reducing the amount of paper, electricity and toner use, can be important steps to achieve corporate sustainability. In fact, Samsung Printing Solutions provides eco-friendly printing solutions to help small and medium businesses to effectively achieve those goals and help you save costs at the same time.

Samsung’s Eco-friendly Printing Solutions to Achieve Corporate Sustainability

Less Typical Energy Consumption (TEC)
Samsung Printing Solutions understands firms’ increasing needs to conserve the environment without increasing financial and operational burdens, and Samsung’s products reflect this. For instance, Samsung invested in developing All-in-One Board technology for multi-function printers (MFP) to lower the energy consumption, which reduces the number of circuit boards to operate the printer from 5 to 1. The printer with All-in-one board, such as MultiXpress X4300LX, a 2014 model, uses 16% less energy than the previous model, based on Samsung’s own lab test. This indicates that Samsung’s eco-friendly solution can effectively reduce electricity consumption, which leads to overall reduction in operational costs. Therefore, Samsung enabled firms to go green and reduce costs at the same time.


Another Samsung Printing Solutions’ eco-friendly printing feature is Easy Eco Driver, a function that lets users reduce costs and conserve resources by reducing toner usage, simply by checking a box before printing. To be more specific, Easy Eco Driver can differentiate images from texts, and it can change bold font to normal, change the font type to use less toner, modify images to line or sketch images, as well as remove images completely to conserve toner. Users can remove various page elements or modify fonts and images to make the document printer-friendly without having to manipulate the original document. This is particularly useful for files like PDFs which are not always editable.

These two features make the toner cartridge lasts longer, and therefore less waste is generated over the printer’s lifetime. Also, with Result Simulator on Easy Eco Driver, users can check the estimated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, energy, and paper consumption. This innovative eco-friendly printing solution – Easy Eco Driver – has been awarded with a Winter 2012 BLI “Outstanding Achievement” award for allowing users to easily take actions to save the environment while saving material costs.


Samsung Printing Solutions’ one-touch Eco button is another eco-friendly printing feature that allows users to save paper and toner, by automatically printing according to the pre-set printing options when the button is pressed. For example, other than printing in duplex and multi-pages in a sheet, it can also automatically skip blank pages in a document. This feature is especially handy for removing unnecessary blank pages in a document that is hundreds of pages long. Hence, Samsung’s one-touch Eco button provides an easy solution to save trees and help firms reduce material cost.

Samsung Printing Solutions’ eco-friendly printing solutions allow small and medium businesses to set small yet important environmental goals that can help firms achieve corporate sustainability and save costs at the same time. With Samsung, taking environmentally friendly action that simultaneously helps the bottom line and saves the planet is a definite win.