The Importance of Security in the Financial World


The need for stringent levels of IT security at banks and financial institutions is more vital today than ever before.

Just last month, for example, Bangladesh’s central bank noticed signs of trouble when they stumbled across a printer issue. Employees arrived one morning to find that their paper trays – instead of being full of the usual overnight confirmation printouts of SWIFT international routing transactions – were empty.

At first, bank officials thought the issue was a printer glitch, but it later turned out the bank had been the victim of an internet-based heist.

By the time the bank identified the problem lay well beyond printing matters, it discovered it had already lost in the region of US$101 million because of this security breech.

The case highlights the critical importance that printers play as a part of overall IT security.

Fortunately, Samsung Printing Solutions offers end-to-end security of the highest level, suitable in particular for the financial industry and other areas of business for whom IT protection is paramount.

Safeguard Against Intrusion

Samsung Printing Solutions’ end-to-end security makes use of anti-malware software that scans your devices on a constant basis. This protects your printers and prevents back-door access by any third party trying to install programs that might compromise your security. The Android-based Smart UX Center also ensure all your data is encrypted, and that the Android UI cannot access the main platform.

And what is more, regular security updates and patches mean you always stay a step ahead of would-be hackers.

Samsung also provides official firmware updates are provided via the Smart Update app, ensuring yet more safety and security for your hardware.

Control User Access, Control Your Documents

In the information-sensitive world of modern finance, however, simply guarding your network from outside intrusion is not enough. Threats can also come from within the company.

With Samsung Printing, however, institutions have a variety of tools that ensure that only approved individuals can gain access to multifunction printers (MFPs) and other sensitive equipment. You can safeguard such devices by means of an active directory for name matching and ID card identification.

You can also use employee ID cards (including NFC-enabled cards) in place of passwords to restrict unauthorized parties from accessing, receiving or editing documents you mark as safe. This function also means that you can see exactly who receives or edits document.

Furthermore, Samsung’s document and user controls work on a wide range of devices, from PCs in the office to NFC-enabled devices and mobile units.

Maximizing control over sensitive documents is easier if you can protect these directly. Secure-pull printing is another important tool that helps you keep control over who gets access to documents, ensuring only specific users can gain access.

Compliance Assured

Governments around the world are growing more rigorous in ensuring regulations are properly observed and that companies keep adequate paper records, so that auditors and investigators can conduct proper reviews.

And as MFPs grow more powerful, the need to manage and protect the data they handle also becomes increasingly important.

Samsung’s Smart UX Center keeps track of all activities on your MFPs, making it easy for IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) and supervisors to go back and check on all activities that have taken place on a network and check who performed them. A fully encrypted document management process means that you can enjoy security during every step of the process.


Complete Solutions for the Financial Sector

In the financial sector, maintaining top-level security for paper and document management will become even more vital in the years to come. In the globalized, high-tech world, the stakes are high, making it essential that your company’s security levels rise to meet the challenges the modern world throws at it. But with Samsung Printing Solutions’ multi-layer, end-to-end security protection, it is a relief to know that help is always at hand.