Burke's and Samsung

Samsung strives to be a reliable partner, helping its clients grow their business. One of these efforts is ensuring that they are able to print documents and images that match the quality of their work. After all, sometimes a print-out can be the face of a business.

To show you the image quality of our printers, we created a Color Print Collection with sample images printed by the MultiXpress 7 and 4 series.

Samsung Color Print Collection

The MultiXpress 7 and 4 series can print in high quality on diverse types of paper, such as tracing paper and even textured handmade paper. Whether your printing needs are focused on business documents or complex graphics, you can rely on Samsung technology to give you above satisfactory results in print quality.

For hotels and retail services
A silky texture that does not smear

The MultiXpress K7600, for the most exquisite detail in print

The MultiXpress K7600LX is Samsung’s highest specification monochrome multifunction printer. Based on a two-month long test of 300,000 impressions and 30,000 scans, Buyers Laboratory (BLI) gave the device an image quality rating of 9.5 out of 10.

The test report calls the device “an ideal choice for organizations looking for top-quality output, particularly in print mode, as it earned BLI’s highest rating in every print quality category.”


Producing top-of-the-line print output, as well as high-quality copy output, the device was praised for its ability to print crisp, clearly readable text and dark solids and consistently distinct separation between closely spaced fine lines.

For media and communications
Prints on a medium that matches the quality of your contents

The MultiXpress X4300, for reliability in color printing

BLI gave The MultiXpress X4300 an excellent to good rating for its print/copy quality in mono and color, reporting that the device “produced colour output that was superior to that of many competitors for business graphics and for photographic image output.”

The lab test report highlighted bright and saturated color reproduction and sharpness of fine details in color print mode. Color copy also displayed bright, saturated color with above average background reproduction.

Vivid and saturated color reproduction

In black print/copy mode, the device exhibited very good text reproduction, with above average darkness and full character formation. The device also performed well at reproducing line art, especially in printing fine lines with consistent thickness.


More from the Color Print Collection
Close-up textures in colorful and sharp detail

Complex images with lifelike detail

Skin tones that are natural and smooth