Managed Print Services

Burke Systems has been a leading provider of managed print services for businesses in Belfast and Northern Ireland for 45 years, helping businesses to save paper, reduce costs and manage their printing requirements.

What is managed print services?

Managed print services is the term given to a bespoke printing package that helps business to oversee and manage printers, scanners, photocopiers and multifunction office printers.

Such packages enable businesses to improve efficiency, productivity and information security by monitoring and analysing current usage, replacing and replenishing printing supplies and proactively addressing technical issues before employees are affected.

Once installed, the service will monitor, manage and optimise your total print output environment, as well as managing your printing costs from equipment to consumables and providing technical support where required. Burke Systems also offers customers print management software to further reduce print spend, including the use of PaperCut MF printing software.

How will managed print services improve my business?

Managed print services are bespoke packages tailored to the needs of each individual business, starting with an audit of your business to assess your current printing output, the use of colour vs mono printing, paper costs and any rental or leasing costs associated with the equipment. This will not only help to inform the service provided by Burke Systems, but also your business.

Following a printing audit, your business will be provided with a solution to save your business money, reduce inefficiencies and aim to reduce your carbon footprint. These solutions typically begin with the replacement of older printing devices with new technologies, including multifunction laser printers, which will help to streamline printing and document digitising processes.

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Benefits of using a Managed Print Service

Printing and printer-related tasks can be extremely time intensive for office employees. The processes of printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents on old, inefficient hardware costs a great deal of time, on top of time spent fixing device malfunctions and replacing ink cartridges and toners.

A managed print service not only identifies these inefficiencies, but devises a plan to reduce wasted time on such print-related tasks. Staff from Burke Systems will ensure that toners are replaced and maintenance issues addressed efficiently to reduce downtime, and the implementation of document digitisation software will help to streamline the scanning process for employees.

Without a system in place, printing can be an extremely inefficient aspect of the office environment. Studies have shown that the costs of printing, including maintenance, hardware and supplies, accounts for as much as 15% of a business’s annual spending. The implementation of managed print services can cut costs by as much as 30%.

Maintenance costs can quickly get out of hand when maintaining multiple individual devices, rather than an automatic cloud-based system. Managed Print Services often connect all devices to one monitoring system, ensuring ‘just-in-time’ delivery of replacement toner and repairs.

Additionally, a print audit as part of your managed print services contract will also identify unnecessary hardware. Having too many devices scattered throughout an organisation will undoubtedly increase your electricity, whereas a single multifunction printing device would have the potential to reduce these costs. Burke Systems has the expertise to calculate the true costs of your ad-hoc approach and make recommendations to make savings.

Every business has unique printing requirements and, in larger businesses, these requirements can even vary from department to department. After an initial assessment of an organisation’s current needs, Burke Systems can recommend a tailored programme to suit these requirements. This might include printing from mobile devices, printing from off-site or printing specific document sizes and specifications.

Another advantage of managed print services is the access to frequent hardware upgrades, giving you access to the latest technology as it is released. Burke Systems will not only insure that this hardware is installed, but help staff to get up to speed with new hardware and workflows.

The cost of purchasing expensive new hardware and technologies can be daunting, but this is much more accessible as a result of managed print services. At Burke Systems, we offer flexible payment options, such as pay-per-page print models with leased hardware. Such packages usually come with real-time usage dashboards and forecasting tools for your network of devices, helping staff to stay on top of their usage and leaving the company in a better position to manage a budget.

Taking a sustainable approach to working and living is becoming increasingly important in today’s society and, as such, reducing paper usage, electricity consumption and the purchase of print consumables is integral to corporate social responsibility.

A print monitoring system is a simple way to save paper in the workplace, by identifying your current print usage at a glance. After assessing the current usage, staff can consider opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint and later use the system to generate a report to demonstrate these efforts.

Given the increasing risk of security breaches in the workplace, more and more businesses are seeking to enhance their print security. An organisation-wide print assessment which comes as part of Burke Systems’ managed print services programme can identify print and IP security risks faced by your organisation.

Subsequently, your managed print services programme should help to mitigate those risks with a tailored security plan, including printer sign-in procedures, waste disposal, document management facilities or the installation of multifunctional printers with automatic hard-drive wiping functionality.

Additionally, by centralising your printing to one print provider, you will reduce the number of people outside your organisation who have access to your networked devices, which is a common security threat that should not be underestimated.

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